23 November 2009

Follow the LHC progress as it all develops

...or at least, what the CMS [Compact Muon Solenoid] team are doing,[1] with some pictures of stuff going on in the detectors. New stuff is added at the top so read from the bottom if you want to start from the beginning. (See also their 23 November 2009 press release, which also has some purty pictures.[2])

I'll look up for additional feeds from the other teams, so check out this page every now and then.


[1] CMS team. CMS e-commentary for 2009 LHC beams. CERN. Accessed 23 November 2009.
[2] CERN (23 November 2009). Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the LHC. Accessed 23 November 2009.

13 November 2009

LHC back on track!

Finally! After roughly a year of wait (the LHC broke in mid-September of 2008), CERN announced on that the LHC now has protons committing suicide one again![1][2][3]


[1] "Particles are back in the LHC!", CERN Bulletin 45 (2009). Accessed 13 November 2009.
[2] CERN (30 October 2009). Particles are back in the LHC!. Accessed 13 November 2009.
[3] CERN (9 November 2009). Particles have gone half way round the LHC. Accessed 13 November 2009.

11 November 2009

How to shoot yourself in the foot in three easy steps

1) Have a bad idea. Or if you aren't a Wikipedia editor, go here.
2) Ignore community input. Repeatedly.
3) Do said bad idea.

But don't worry, a bunch of us are working on slapping back some sense in the Wikimedia Foundation. Hopefully these awful (and can you say arrogant and self-absorbed!) messages will be gone soon.

Update: The banners are now down due to technical problems. Hopefully since there's a technical delay and a huge backlash, the WMF will consider the several alternatives proposed by volunteers. More as it develops.

See also

• Phoebe, Ragesoss, Pretzels (11 November 2009). "Controversial 'Wikipedia Forever' fundraiser to start 10 November", Wikipedia Signpost, 5(45). Accessed 11 November 2009.